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Bright Temple Church of God in Christ was founded by Elder Clarence Garfield Bright in 1930 in Shelbyville, Tennessee. Also the founder of a local church there, Pastor Bright moved his family of 13 from Decherd, Tennessee to Shelbyville. Pastor Bright and the early membership began worship in the homes of the saints, until God allowed him to build a small frame church building on Tillman Street.

In 1951, the then Elder Audley Shaun King succeeded our founder as pastor. In April 1969, filling the vacancy left by Bishop J.O. Patterson, Sr., Elder King was elevated to the position of Bishop, as the Jurisdictional Prelate for Tennessee Second Jurisdiction. Bishop was an inspirational leader who, though he lost his natural sight, proclaimed he never lost his vision. Bishop King served as pastor for 34 years and moved the church to our current site on Elm Street in 1979.

Elder Larry James Crismon, Sr. succeeded Bishop King in 1985, and, under his leadership, the property of the church expanded around us to include our annex and building for our children's ministry. He served as a district superintendent until being elevated to Administrative Assistant to Bishop Jerry Maynard in Tennessee 4th Jurisdiction. After 24 years of service as our pastor, he passed away in March 2009, leaving his son, the great-grandson of our founder, and current pastor to continue the work...

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